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Does a big wedding lead to a big divorce

Does a big wedding lead to a big divorce?

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My wife and I have been married for 10 years. We had a very small wedding; I think there were 35 guests in total total. It was exactly what we wanted, and to this day, our families still talk about how lovely and fun it was. 

Turns out we may have been on to something: according to an article in the Daily Mail, the British are going in for over-the-top weddings, and without any guarantee that the marriage will last.

One survey concluded that the average cost of a wedding is £25,000, which is about the same as the average national annual income. To give you some perspective, £25,000 is just over $50,000 US dollars, or $53,000 Canadian dollars. 

The writer tells the stories of two friends who sprung for lavish weddings only to find themselves divorced soon after.

Meanwhile, she and her husband opted for a quick trip to the register office (justice of the peace, if you will) and spent their honeymoon in a nearby hotel. Twenty-two years later, they threw a lavish ceremony to renew their vows, because by then they reasoned they had earned it.

So is there some correlation between the cost of a wedding and the longevity of the marriage? Maybe not, but it is worth thinking about as you make the plans for your nuptials.

After all, the wedding is ONE DAY; the marriage is forever. Personally, I’m glad I opted for my simple garden wedding, if only because it was the beginning of a wonderful marriage.

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