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How to remove skin tags

How to remove Skin Tags?

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There are several home remedies for removing skin tags at home. Using Caster oil with some baking soda added should be applied on the tag. The other natural remedies that could be used are Tea Tree oil and herbal extracts like Dermisil. The other methods that can be used are tying the skin tag with a dental floss or a fishing line until it falls off.

The other method is using a piece of duct tape to cover the skin tag till it becomes loose. Check if the tag has started falling off and repeat the process if needed. Applying a band aid with a few drops of vitamin E can also be applied to make the tag fall off within a couple of days. Don’t try to cut it off with scissors or other tools like nail clipper as it can cause infection.

If in any doubt or the problem persists, always consult a professional.

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